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From Andrew Who Had A Prior Negative Lawyer Experience Recommends Geoffrey Burg

My previous experience with a lawyer was not a pleasant one. I felt that my case did not get the attention that it deserved. So when I got arrested a second time I was very cautious in hiring the right person for my case. After going through the legal process for a second time I know that Geoffrey Burg was exactly the type of lawyer I was looking for. While working with Mr. Burg I felt that my case got the individual attention that it needed. There were many complex questions that my family and I had through the whole process and Geoff did a great job of handling them all. I could tell Geoff had the respect of the judges and a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in this field. This was a very serious event in my life. It was a long and drawn out process but I can finally move on. I know that I got the best possible outcome for my case because of the work of Geoffrey Burg. I would recommend him to anyone seeking council. Thanks Geoff, my family and I appreciate your hard work and the respect you have shown us. -Andrew
– From Andrew Who Had A Prior Negative Lawyer Experience