Expert Witnesses We Use for MIP Cases

Burg & Lantz: WA State MIP/MIC Defense
Burg & Lantz: WA State MIP/MIC Defense

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Experts We Use

Most MIP / MIC and furnishing charges do not need expert witnesses.  However, some do and we are prepared if that is necessary. 

Any criminal defense cases require technical or specialized knowledge that is often directly related to the charges you are facing. 

Experts can help you prepare the best possible defense.

Experts can assist in investigating the police reports, the scene of the alleged incident, or helping to bring out new facts that were missed by the police in their investigation.  In fact, working with the right experts may be as important as choosing the right criminal defense attorney. 

Why is this? 

The reason is an attorney is not allowed to testify.  While we may spot a problem or issue, it must be an expert that investigates the problem or issue as only the expert (as a witness) can testify in court.  A lawyer is not allowed to do this.  In addition, as an attorney, we are not trained in many of the same things an expert may be trained in – medicine, engineering, science, forensics, private investigation, etc. 

A knowledgeable and experienced expert can sometimes be the difference between guilty and not guilty or a reduced charged.

Our firm has established relationships with knowledgeable, experienced, and respected experts in various fields including private investigators, accident reconstruction, medicine, science, breath testing, field sobriety testing and polygraphs.

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