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Each client’s matter is unique. The results of any matter are determined by the relevant facts and applicable law. Past results are not a guarantee that your matter will be resolved similarly to the results here.

With that said, we truly believe there is hope in each and every MIP or furnishing liquor case and we do our best to get great results for our clients.

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  • Not Guilty - Four Felony Counts

    Jason fought and won a trial for his client on all four felony counts.  Jason's client was wrongly accused by someone they did not know.  Jason fought back against an aggressive prosecutor and the jury returned a verdict of not guilty to all counts.  The judge said he had never seen an attorney h... Read On

  • City of Edmonds v. C.S.

    Charges: MIP Outcome: Dismissal Description: Client stopped inside a motor vehicle after fleeing a party.  Client was asked to perform a portable breath test after denying consuming alcohol.  The breath test showed that she had been drinking.  This was the clients third MIP.  We were able to ge... Read On

  • City of Medina v. M.B.

    Charges: MIP Outcome: Dismissal Description: Client was having a party at his Mother's house when some uninvited people showed up and someone called the police complaining of noise.  When the officers arrived to investigate the client was in the yard with a friend.  The officers smelled alcohol... Read On